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disney_trader's Journal

Disney Trader - A Moderated Trading Community
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Do you really just not care if some of the pins in your collection are "scrappers" as long as they're pins you love? Do you hate it when you get to the parks and try to swap pins with a "Pro" only to have them chew you out for unknowingly having a "scrapper" in your collection? Do you like to swap Disney Pins with folks on-line but hate to take the chance of getting robbed by a stranger? ME TOO!

Here at Disney Trader, we love all our Disney stuff and encourage you to share, trade, swap and communicate with verified collectors who just don't give a darn either!


Yup, VERIFIED. The only way you'll be able to join this community is if I or another member of the group has actually completed a trade with you via the mail. This really cuts down on the risk involved!

And it's not just Disney Pins that we're trading here! Maybe you want some of those Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom cards to fill out your collection? Maybe you have a cool limited edition decorative plate that you'd like to offer to somebody in exchange for some pins? Maybe there's a new Popcorn Bucket at Disneyland you're intent on getting but you don't live anywhere near a Disney park? SOMEBODY in this community should be able to help!

When you make a post here, you should ALWAYS give the background of your item being offered - anyone caught "cheating" by trying to pass off Scrappers as "Real Pins" or obviously fake merchandise as The Real Thing will be booted! Even if you don't know for sure, put that down. "Traded for this pin off of a cast member lanyard, probably a Scrapper but in really nice condition". "Part of a Lanyard Set that was given to me by my aunt". "Hand-made by me with my own two hands". The more information the better!